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Climbing on Kratom Branches




RIP Audry the Kitty Protecting the Nursery Forever


I am sorry to update you that Audrey has passed away as of 02/02/2024. She passed away at the nursery with Will and Jamie making her feel safe in her surroundings as she passed. She was already 20 years old and was very thin. The last time I saw her she could barley mew. But was happy to see me and get some comfort. I will always remember her and she is heavily missed from our team. She was the most welcoming kitty and friend. She loved pets and attention and was such a joy. She would follow me around the trees, climbing the ladders to get up to my face so she could see what i was doing and give me kisses.

Kozy Kratom Product Review


Good afternoon,

I received my package today and I gotta say, the quality is amazing! I have been tackling my computer science homework so efficiently, far better than the cognitive boost that caffeine gives. Thank you KozyKratom for the great customer service and product quality.


Rick Balderas
KozyKratom customer Review – Fresh Kratom Leaf


From Randy (Elliot)

Subject: wow recieved 2 day shipping in ONE day!

Message Body: product looks great! thanks for all you do!

Randy Order - Fresh Kratom Leaf

Youtube Kratom Queens Review

KozyKratom Review

Fresh Kratom Leaf and Cuttings Shipping Notice


Fresh Kratom Leaf and Cuttings Shipping Notice:

Please be aware all orders of fresh leaf ordered after Sunday at 12 pm est will be defaulted to shipping out on the following weeks Monday (excluding holidays).

This is due to fresh leaf needing to be shipped early in the week as USPS is not 100% reliable in all parts of the USA on Saturdays and Sundays. Fresh leaf is good for about 4-7 days in the fridge and requires leaf to be shipped on particular days so that customers can get as much time as possible with their orders.

For example: If you ordered on a Friday, and that order ships on that Friday, we have no guarantee that order will actually move thru USPS over the weekend and you would forgo 2-3 days of that 4-7 possible days.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our team.


KozyKratom Review

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Walter answered all of my questions, was super polite, professional, informative and overall a very nice guy. I am very much looking forward to my order arriving!

Calea ternifolia Notice


It has been brought to our attention that the plant contained here may not be Calea ternifolia.

While it is our best intention to sell exactly what is described on our website. The reality is we like yourself are acquiring these plants online. I acquired my sample from a large tropical botanical exchange in 2012 that still operates and sell this product as Mexican dream herb to this day.

Due to the confusion here we will not be offering this plant for sale in Hawaii any such orders will be canceled. It is important you as a consumer do your own research on what can be imported. You are responsible for knowing local laws as far as importation of plants to your home and you have been duly warned.We are not botanists just hobbyists with a desire to learn more. 

How To Use Raw Kratom Leaf?


How To Use Raw Kratom Leaf?

Kratom is an evergreen tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. It is a strong tall tree that can grow over 100ft tall. There are many ways to consume it from grinding the whole plant into fine powder to just using the leaves. The most traditional way of consumption include chewing the leaves or brewing them into tea. Old farmers used to chew freshly taken off leaves of the plants to increase their productivity and take a dose of energy to get going throughout the day. The tea was prepared to get relaxing effects, get a good night’s sleep and relieve fatigue.

The most lovable aspect of consuming Kratom is that it offers you a lot of variety in its ways of consumption. The post discusses how you can take kratom leaves in innovatively different forms.


Chewing The Leaves

The simplest and easiest method of consuming kratom leaves is still chewing them. According to experienced consumers, it is one of the most effective ways of taking your dosage. However, a large part of the kratom community does not adopt this way because of the raw and bitter taste of the herb. When you chew the leaves, there is no way to avoid the taste. This method is also not recommended for beginners for the same reason. Due to this downside, this technique is largely reserved for experienced consumers who always like to go old-school and have no problem with the taste.


Grinding Your Leaves Into Coarse Powder To Take It With Water

You found kratom leaves at home, and you want to give it a try. What is the best method? Fortunately, if you are a new consumer with dried leaves, you can coarsely crush those leaves at home and take them by toss and wash method. In this way, you experience the taste much less than chewing. Take a small amount of crushed leaves (less than 4 grams for beginners), toss it over your tongue, and gulp a big sip of water or any fruit juice. In this way, the leaves will be washed off your tongue in no time, causing you to feel less taste.

Brew The Crushed Leaves Into Kratom Tea

One of the best ways to take powder or leaf¬†Kratom is by making tea! You can simply turn kratom leaves into powder by putting them on your hand, placing a paper underneath, and crushing them, making sure the paper can collect the dust. Alternatively, you can use a pepper mill too. If you don’t want to get into crushing, you can directly prepare tea with leaves.


With the crushed leaves, simply take 1 teaspoon for 2-4 cups of tea. Add this amount to a container such as a kettle and add warm water over it. Make sure not to pour boiling water or let the water cool for 30 seconds if boiled before pouring.

Too hot water will ultimately destroy the alkaloids, killing off any goodness that you get with the tea. After adding the water, allow it to steep for at least 5 to 10 minutes and strain before drinking. You can also add honey, sugar, cinnamon, stevia, or lemon for better flavor. After you are done adding your favorite ingredients, the tea is ready to serve!


KozyKratom – White Vein Kratom Review

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Buy White Vein Elephant Kratom powder

KozyKratom – White Vein Kratom Review

KozyKratom – White Vein Kratom Review From: Rick Barter ¬†Subject: Great product! Message Body: I’ve ordered the white vein from here twice and have not been disappointed! My first time ever trying kratom and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an alternative to energy drinks/coffee to get through the day. I’m a college student and have been taking a tablespoon of kratom after my lunch to help me power through my last two classes (gives me a cognitive boost). Again, would definitely recommend this company to anyone. Good job KozyKratom!

KozyKratom - White Vein Kratom Review

KozyKratom – White Vein Kratom Review