Kratom Cuttings (3 for 1) Rooting 6 inches long

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Multiple Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

Kratom Cuttings (3 for 1) Rooting 6 inches long

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As the only all AMERICAN CO-OP to make Kratom cuttings available for year round shipping. We have a large selection of vein types, and unique geological sources. Unrooted cuttings are our way of making Kratom cuttings and Kratom cultivation affordable for all. We even apply the rooting hormone for you, all you need to do is keep them in their sealed bag, and ensure they get indirect light. Guaranteed to get to your door green and healthy, or we will reship as is our policy.


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Unrooted Kratom Cuttings (3 for 1)

Our lush Kratom cuttings come from our organic American Kratom Nursery. As a U.S. kratom nursery we are focusing on growing kratom and advocacy. Our kratom co-op has a goal to help ensure American kratom as a main source for the United States. Each of our trees branches are pruned almost daily by our friendly staff.  We treat all of our kratom cuttings with the love and care they deserve. For more information on unrooted kratom cuttings. Check out our WIKI guide.

Instructions & Guides

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method

Take your cutting and place it inside of a 1 gallon jug of rain or pond water. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap.
For more information on unrooted kratom cuttings. Check out our WIKI guide.

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings – Water Jug Method


Typically takes up to around 3 weeks for the cuttings to begin to root.


Add 1 gallon of rain or pond water to your gallon jug. DO NOT USE regular store water or water from the tap. There are chemicals that will kill the plants. Check your water levels once a week. Replace any water that has evaporated from the jug.


You can add as many cuttings to the gallon jug that will hold at the top. However we recommend only a few per gallon. As this will make it easier to inspect and remove your cuttings without damaging any roots on the other cuttings. Roots are quite fragile and will come off easily. If your cuttings do not touch the bottom on the gallon that is fine. You only need 1/3 of the cutting to be above water. Anywhere that the water touches, roots will develop over time.

Lighting Options

Artificial lighting methods allow for quicker rooting. However a South facing window will suffice.


Once your cuttings establish roots, you will want to move them to a 3inch pot. Plant the entire pod and rootball in the new pot (potting soil works best). Here are some videos to help you.


Best Method to Root Kratom Cuttings - Water Jug Method

While examining your cutting you will notice that anywhere the water is touching. Any wooded growth will turn into green new growth. After a while in the water it will develop white little bumps. These are roots. They will turn into little white worms. We recommend letting the roots gain a bit of length before placing them in soil.

Note from the grower

Your unrooted cuttings have already been cut back to the freshest node, and covered in rooting hormone.

While in the water jug. The leaf on the cuttings will look droopy. This is normal. This is due the water evaporating.

The Kratom Bible is available here on the #kratomAPP

How long should I expect Shipping to take?

All Kratom leaf will only ship out Monday – Wednesday. Customers can select either 2 -day Priority USPS Mail or expedited Shipping. Our friendly staff members will ship out your normally by 2 pm. Each order will receive a notification and tracking number once the order goes out. Before contacting our staff we recommend that you check your email and spam filter encase you might have missed us. You can reach our staff at our email A member of our helpful staff would be more than happy to talk with you anytime.

What happens if there is an issue with you order?

We guarantee to get to your leaf to your door healthy and green. But, sometimes things can happen. If there is ever an issue with your order please contact our team immediately. We ask that you  email us at it is helpful if you also include a photo of the situation. Our helpful staff will try to respond within the hour.


For more information on unrooted kratom cuttings. Check out our WIKI guide.

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Weight 1 g
Vein Color

Green Vein, Pink Vein, Red Vein, White Vein

Are the cuttings Organic?

The mature trees are very resistant to pests, and as a result haven’t required the application of any chemicals. The trees are fertilized with a fish emulsion every 3 – 4 months

How are cuttings packaged

The cutting is shipped inside of a soda container that has been split in half. This method is effective at preventing shipping damage

Do you guarantee arrival 

Yes! Every plant order is backed up with a reship guarantee. We also take a picture of your plant or cutting before shipping, and email it to you!

How long does Kratom take to root

It can take up to 3 – 4 weeks, even in optimal conditions

How often do you ship the cuttings

We ship M – W for our cuttings and plant selection. We want to ensure that your plant doesn’t sit around without you.

Do you apply rooting hormone to unrooted cuttings


  1. Tim Q
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Very good packaging, pro packaging actually. Everything got here in great condition. Cuttings look great. Unfortunately for me, and my lack of experience I didn’t get any to root, but that was on ME. So if you buy you should have everything in place and have the knowledge and environment to root these guys.

    • dingo


      Tim first off thank you very much for your honest review. I must admit it saddens me that nothing struck. I grow these trees for the fun of it, and by making some of them available through here i’m hoping that others can join in demystifying this awesome tree, and maybe even offer an alternative source of production. If you like we will reship your cuttings, now or anytime in the future. All we ask is you help us cover the cost of the flat rate box. Once again thank you for taking the time to let us know your experience. We certainly have a lot more we can do better, starting with getting some more documentation online.

  2. Lydon
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    5 star packing and shipping! My cuttings arrived delicately packed and nice n’ green. Mine didn’t survive, but I’m pretty sure it’s from my negligence ( I don’t have the greenest thumb 🙈) but I’m going to try again and again until I get it! This is such a beautiful plant and I’d love to cultivate several of them for personal use one of these days 😀 thanks for all the tutorials you guys provide and thanks for the quality product 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Caleb van Gelder

    : is an excellent company. Their customer service is the best I’ve seen in a long time out of any company with similar offerings, and actually compared to any company I’ve ordered online from for that matter. They are very kind, communicative, and helpful.  You can tell they truly care about what they offer and stand tall 100% behind their products. They have a lot of heart and truly put their great energy into this. Although I haven’t  been able to order every product they offer, I would confidently recommend them over any company in the USA that provides these alternative plant medicines. The real medicines.

    -Caleb van Gelder

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