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I bought two cuttings from u/kratomroll and they turned out wonderful. I left them in the pot a little long so their growth was stunted but they still turned out great. Had tons of questions and the guy was super nice and helpful. The packaging was amazing, they had to go 3k miles and across an ocean but they came absolutely perfect. If I had to do it again it would only be from them.

Kratom Leaf Earring – Kozykratom Review

kratom leaf earring customer 2

Kratom Leaf Earring – Review

Thank you to Jaime Lyn who made these beautiful Kratom leaf earrings! She even made a custom size for me by choosing leaves that were more to the size I wanted. Beautiful!

I’ve gotten a number of compliments on the earrings already!

kratom leaf earring customer 2 kratom leaf earring customer

Rooted Kratom Plant – success story


Rooted Kratom Plant – success story

Hey buddy,

I thought you would enjoy seeing how amazing my 2 plants look. They really took off. They love the New Orleans climate. I am preparing to do some harvesting, and pruning. They will look more like trees soon. Very happy with your product!!! I cannot believe it hasn’t even been a year.

William Campell.  Aug 14, 2022

Rooted Kratom Plant - success story Rooted Kratom Plant - success story

Kozykratom review Happy with service and quality of product

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Kozykratom review Happy with service and quality of product

This is a must try for experienced kratom users. The powder has a fresh fluffy taste to it and is just as, if not more, potent than the kratom we all get from Southeast Asia. Not to mention you get to try chewing fresh leaf which was a pleasant and new experience for me. Walter provides great customer service and will respond to any questions you might have. Very happy with my purchase!

Ben Stark

Kratom Beginner Box Review

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I got their $50 box and it is rad. 15 Fresh leaves which my girlfriend, best friend and I spent an hour chewing on today. What a cool experience starts, out stimulating then after a bit turns into a nice sedation. Their American grown dried loose leaf, nice and sedating from the get go in tea form. Then a bag of green malay powder that hits great in every way. Honestly I will be ordering from them every couple months, seriously loved everything that came in that box and supporting American grown kratom makes me feel good. Much love and respect for these people I hope everyone gives them a try. Thinking about writing a review myself…

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Kratom Seed Pod Success – Customer Review


Kratom Seed Pod Success

Kratom Seed Pod Success – I ordered seeds in March and by April they were starting to sprout! I did not expect them to germinate due to the low germination rate and the fact that I accidentally had them in sitting water/soil for a couple days. Fast shipping and good product!


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• ½ Lemon, peeled
• 2 Green Apples, cut in half
• 3 Stalks Celery, no leaves
• A handful of Spinach or Kale
• 5g to 7g Kratom Powder
• 1 slice Fresh Ginger


Rinse all the ingredients well and pat dry.
Remove any peels and cut the fruit and vegetables into 1–2-inch chunks.
Place all the ingredients into an electric juicer, process, and discard the pulp.
Stir in your desired dose of kratom powder.
Pour the juice mixture in a tall glass and start sipping away to give your body the ultimate kratom-infused detox.

Acclimating kratom to different humidity zone


Acclimating kratom to different humidity zone is very common and a most necessary practice to stop your plant from fully defoliating when the humidity is suddenly reduced. You may notice leaf curling upwards, this is the first symptom of humidity stress. For growers of plants like Mitragyna speciosa (A Hermaphrodite evergreen native to Southeast Asia) it is in fact necessary, as this type of plant is very sensitive to humidity stress.

[Quick instructions
SYMPTOM=leaf curl upwards and wilt when humidity is quickly reduced.
CURE=Increase humidity, then Reduce humidity by 10% every hour until upward curling stops. Increase humidity and restart process if curling continues.]

All plants exhale water vapor. When the humidity is very high the plant has less evaporative loss of water from it’s cellular tissue. This extra water builds up in these leaf tissues. The plant responds by moving water out of itself as fast as possible. When the humidity is reduced suddenly the plant doesn’t respond correctly from this unnatural change in humidity and will give off too much moisture causing the soft tissues of the leaf to curl upwards, wilt and defoliate if the plant is not put back into higher humidity immediately.

This is all due to the plant giving off it’s moisture too quickly. This stress is caused from moving the plant into lower natural humidity zones where you live if it was enclosed in a artificially created humidity zone like a sealed shipping package or a clear tub terrarium or tropical greenhouse.

To acclimate to a lower humidity.
First reduce the humidity to your tropical plant by allowing a small amount of ventilation of the higher humidity zone (Where the plant is) into the lower humidity zone (Where you want the plant to be) so that the humidity can slowly equalize to the lower zone at a rate of about 10% RH an hour, until the plant no longer shows upward leaf curl, or wilting. If the plant shows leaf curl increase the humidity and restart this process immediately until the upward curling no longer manifests itself.

Remember, if humidity isn’t increased the curling leafs will wilt and fall off which is completely unnecessary. This process can take a day or two, but it doesn’t require lights or heat but maintain 75-80F in low light if possible.

Mitragyna Speciosa can completely re-foliate in 30 days for larger girth plants of over 8mm stem girth. So even if you don’t acclimate these larger plants they will possibly not die from this type of stress.

Plants with a main stem girth of 6-8mm had a mortality rate of 20% from not being acclimated properly.
Plants with a main stem girth of 4mm or less had a 70% mortality rate from not being acclimated correctly.
Fresh clones had about a 80% mortality rate from not being acclimated correctly.
Freshly sprouted seedlings had a almost 90% mortality rate from humidity stress related death.

evaporation-ponics setup for kratom


evaporation-ponics setup for kratom

evaporation-ponics setup for kratom  – These systems work by letting the plants use the natural water cycle they’re used to within a hydroponic method.

As the plants utilize the water they exhale water vapor that trickles down through condensation collecting in the bottom of the outer tub. The water that accumulates has a higher PH of about 8.0PH and a purity level of zero PPM/TDS which is as good if not better than RO filtered water (if I could only keep leaves from falling in or mud from splashing over when I refill).

These tubs hold in the humidity so that the H20 in the hydroponic solution can be reclaimed, but it also keeps this high PH water away from the roots so the plants grow healthy without PH stress. The moisture can have it’s PH corrected to 5.8PH and be pumped back into the inner tub.

These could be a lifesaver if you’re growing in colder or less humid locations where tropical plants cannot survive year round, or colder climates where plants would never survive. They’re great for food and clean drinking water manufacturing. Wilderness survival guides drink the dew off the leaves of plants in the jungle. This is the same stuff.

Enjoy and if you decide to use this method please feel free to share your pictures and experience with us.

Maximizing Kratom Leaf Production of Mitragyna Speciosa.


Maximizing Kratom Leaf Production of Mitragyna Speciosa.