Small_weiner_man reddit reveiw of

Oh fair enough. I realize im going to sound like a shill here lol but whatever: I just got around to trying some premium MD I ordered on a whim months ago, its absolutely insane. I cant remember if it was the red or white, but OP I would recommend. I was on a thread where they were talking about fresh leaf and just saw you recommended the premium MD to another person and just ordered some on for giggles. Do you guys balance those out with extracts or anything (I have no qualms im just genuinely curious). I’ve never had kratom like yours, it smells almost floral and has like no bitter taste. My normal dose is like 1.5g but I’ve been toying with .75 on your strain.

what would you recommend for re-order when I run out? I’ve never heard of “pink” strains before and that looks interesting.