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Review KozyKratom Powder & Raw Kratom Leaf

Review KozyKratom Powder & Raw Kratom Leaf – If you are the guy who runs Kozy Kratom your stuff is fantastic. I recently bought your Green Indo Premium Kilo and 15 fresh leaf bundle. The green Indo is phenomenal quality Kratom like I haven’t had in ages. The fresh Kratom leaf was FAR more potent than I expected as well. I chewed 2 leaves and it laid me completely out after a long work week. I took the green Indo after waking up and it has me feeling warm and fuzzy and energetic all over, love it. I’m absolutely blown away at how potent this stuff is.

I had a regular Kratom vendor for around the first 3 years I took it. The vendor was Kraydo and his Green Asia was absolute fire. I could take a teaspoon morning, noon, and night and it would wire me to the gills, put me in a great mood, and relieve pain as well. Basically all the things you need when you are middle aged and working hard. Then all the sudden one day I ordered a Kilo and it wasn’t the same stuff. He either switched sources or substituted something else and I could immediately tell by the taste and smell. Since then I have yet to find green Kratom of that potency until I got yours. I really appreciate for being a great vendor and your work in Kratom advocacy.

Review Kozykratom Powder & Raw Kratom Leaf