We make our American Kratom Keychains with leaf we grow right here. Show your friends and family what Kratom really is!

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Ever wish you could carry a little bit of kratom wherever you go? We select our finest leaf specimens from our American Kratom Nursery grown in the perfect environment in the United States to display in a Encased Kratom Leaf Heart Keychain you cant take with you on your personal life’s journey. Each individual Encased Kratom Leaf Heart Keychain are completely unique. Our leaves are preserved and sealed for longevity and quality.

We select our finest leaf specimens from our kratom trees grown in the United States to display in a Kratom Keychains you cant take with you on your life’s journey. Each individual kratom keychains are completely unique because every leaf is unique. The Kratom leaf in the encased Kratom keychain holds it’s form for up to a year. Some have even gone longer (depending on UV exposure, humidity etc).

Kratom Keychains