Kratom Tea

A users submissions on how they make kratom tea

Shout out to somethingsacred for this submission.
I’ve made tea … maybe 20 or so times . I’ll put lemon juice on leaf and let it sit for a 5-10 minutes, then pour just boiled water in a thermos with the kratom. ,adding maple syrup and a yummy tasting herbal tea .

I Squeezed juice of one lemon, sat for a few minutes, out in freezer over night ( doesn’t have to be that long , but I was prepping) Put 2 t bags , (6 grams ) in thermos , water that was almost boiling, maple syrup. I drank it 2 hours after making it , was still steaming hot ,,,, the best tea I’ve made steeped 4-5 hours in a thermos before drinking … Lemon juice and plenty of maple syrup and long steeping. Making it at night and letting it cool down over night , seems to be a good way. Long steep

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