Oct 19, 2021

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Botanical Queens- Review fresh kratom leaf

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Fresh leaf from Pervis Walter is seriously amazing. I tried the green, white, pink, and mature. I only needed 2-3 leaves (I mostly spit out the plant matter but you can swallow it!) and added raw sugar to cut the bitterness. It’s not bitter like the powder though. And the 3ff3cts are incredible. Such a light feeling (makes you more aware of the mold content in certain powder teas) and made me feel optimistic, happy, carefree, and yes it helped the pa!n just as much as the powder does. Definitely treat yourself to this! (pm him for more info!).

Seriously, thank you for a life changing experience! I want to do an in-depth review on my YouTube channel of you in the future . More people need to try the fresh leaf!

Emily Petokas – Botanical Queens