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Kratom bible – Kratom vein colors

The Colors of Kratom Kratom is generally divided into three different colors. Red-vein, Green-vein or White-vein. The colors are determined by the color of the central vein of the leaf & the stem. If you look closely at a kratom leaf you will see that the central vein, as well as the stem, have a certain color. Generally, this color helps to determine the effect the kratom leaf will have. Each color causes a different effect due to their own unique alkaloid profiles. The colors of the different kratom strains thrive at their best in differing conditions and contain various alkaloids […]

Seed Pod Update 10/24/2018

The seedpods are still in the process of ripening and blowing up, they have almost doubled in size in the past month alone. Unfortunately taking a little longer than we originally anticipated but that’s our fault. They don’t work on our time. In the meantime we posted a documented breakdown of the still ripening pods on our website. Kratom Seed Breakdown The last step of the process is the browning of the pods, and the eventual bursting of the husks. Our goal is to capture the seedpods just as the husks begin to burst open. Here is some pictures from […]

Aphids attacking Mature American Kratom Tree!!!

Buzzing Kratom Seed Pods

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Spring time Kratom Leaf & Cuttings Lotto

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