Kratom Pod Seed Breakdown

We are working on a follow up video for this series Kratom Pod Seed Breakdown. However we wanted to make this available as soon as possible for our subscribers, and other cultivators in general. The circular pods shown in the video are completely infertile. They do not contain any protruding pods, but do contain what I term “fake seed”. We do not ship this seed material, and we hope no one else does either. For whatever reason these seeds  were not fertilized and literally die on the tree.

Here is a video we put together to show you the break down


For this break down we need a fertilized pod. Such as this. These pods are still ripening on the tree.

Now we need to break the pods off of the seed ball.


The next step is carefully crushing, and slicing the pods open. Revealing single strands of hair like seeds. This is your fertilized Kratom pods seed. These get even even fatter as the pods ripen on the tree.


Here is a comparison shot. You can see the difference in the size, curvature, and coloring of the hair like seed and the nu

Kratom Pod Seed Breakdown




The final seed pod will look closer to this.


Stay tuned for our video, and future videos where we sow the seed, and track the seedlings development.