Artisan American Grown Keychains

Encased Kratom Keychains

Our Keychains are made from Kratom leaf grown in the USA.

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Made in the USA

We don’t just make them here, we grow and pick the leaf too.

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Plant a tree

Trees are awesome, but they need our help.

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American Kratom Keychains

American Kratom Leaf

We pick it, and we preserve it!

Show your affection for Kratom, while directly supporting our tree planting efforts.

Grown in the USA

Our keychains are made from our very own American Kratom leaf. Don’t just tell your friends and family about Kratom; show them!

Every one is unique

No two keychains are the same. Although some keychains such as the Keychair Pair are made from the same single leaf, the structure of the leaf and veins are completely different, and might we add.. beautiful.
  • Kratom Keychain – Encased American Whole Kratom

    SKU: n/a.
    $10.09 + CART
  • Kratom Keychain Pair Encased – USA Grown

    SKU: n/a.
    $6.79 + CART
  • Sale!

    Kratom Keychains Encased Leaf Heart Keychain (American Made)

    SKU: n/a.
    $10.35 $6.99 + CART
  • Kratom Leaf Keychains – Apple Shaped with USA Kratom Leaf

    SKU: n/a.
    $4.89 + CART
  • Raw American Kratom Leaf

    SKU: n/a.
    $25.00$46.09 + CART
  • Kratom Tea Bags – 5 x 2.2G American Organically Grown

    SKU: n/a.
    $8.35 + CART
  • Indonesian Kratom Premium Select – Fast Shipping

    SKU: n/a.
    $9.10$112.00 + CART
  • Kratom Cutting – Grow your own American Kratom

    SKU: n/a.
    $46.00$55.00 + Free SHIP
  • Kratom Cuttings (3 for 1) Rooting 6 inches long

    SKU: n/a.
    $31.87$37.99 + CART
  • Kratom Seed Pod Organically Florida Grown

    SKU: n/a.
    $65.02 + Free SHIP
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Spring time Kratom Leaf & Cuttings Lotto

Our leaf is American grown. Would you like to join us? Make sure you reserve your spot now!