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We only pick and ship the most mature, fertile, and heaviest seed pods in the USA.

American Grown SeedPods

The seedpod pictured on the left was not successfully fertilized and makes up the majority of the pods on the tree. The pod pictured on the right, had the majority of it’s individual pod cells fertilized by us, or the insects that feed on the pollen. Our pricing of our seed pods reflects the scarcity of these seedpods.

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Kratom Seed Pod Organically Florida Grown

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Fertilized by hand and by insects. 

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Kratom Seed Pod Organically Grown FL

Fresh and ripe Kratom seed are grown for 6 – 10 year old Organic American grown Kratom trees. The growers have acclimated the trees to the gulf region. Growing instructions, and support are included for those in all environments. Below is a link to our American Kratom seed pod dissection.

Break down of fertilized Kratom Flower and all it’s parts

How do you collect Kratom Seed Pods?

Kratrom trees take years to mature. Because of this they can be quite tall making them hard to reach. A single kratom tree can grow to over two hundred foot tall.  Our dedicated team have had to make choices on the most efficient and effective way to bring them down. A big factor that plays out over time is how we grow the trees. If we top our taller trees they will start to bush out more near the bottom. However some of our trees are too tall to reach with a ladder. We have built a Kratom Seed Pod collector for this purpose.

Kratom Seed Pod Fertilization

Kratom seed pods from the nursery are confirmed to have at least 60% fertilization. One can assess this by the projections (pods) erupting from the circular flower bulb. These continue to grow until they are mature. Once kratom seed pods are ready to release seed, the kratom seed pod husk bursts open. Kratom seed are quite small and light. The seed will blow all over out of the kratom trees.

Bees and other insects are attracted to the pungent sweet smell of the kratom seed pods as they develop on the kratom trees. For that reason bees rub themselves on the stems of the exposed seed pods as they travel around the seed pod collecting the pollen in their fur as they go. While they travel from kratom tree to kratom tree the collected pollen rubs off onto the other seed pods that the bees land on. As a result this fertilizes the kratom seed pods.

On the other hand, each seed pods is to hand fertilize by staff. As well, a staff member will climb up on the ladder and grab what ever seed pods are close and rub them against each other. Turning them and spinning them in our hands to get the maximum effect. This ensures the viability of the seed pod.

Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.

How to tell a fertile seed pod?

Each Kratom seed pods also have very distinct difference between a fertile seed pod and a inftertile pod. Fertile kratom seed pods will be plump in contrast to infertile pod that are smooth and round. For that reason,  make sure to be careful if you want a full pod to stay intact as they break apart from the center very easily. Most notably, this video shows every stage of a kratom seed pod.

Lastly, a infertile kratom seed pods are completely round and are very very tiny. They will almost look like a honeycomb in a ball. Infertile kratom seed pods are very soft and will roll around in the hand. In contrast, there is not much that can be done with these pods. Here is a short video to show you what they look like.

Kratom Seed Breakdown

Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.


How to sprout Kratom Seed Pod! And answering commonly asked questions!

If this is your first time growing from kratom seed our team recommends you spend a few minuets to watch this educational video. These seed pods were planted in March 2019 – June 2019 kept outdoors in very hot and humid conditions while being covered in clear plastic wrap.

The Kratom Project

Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.

Our staff goal is to merge tech with kratom to document every single aspect of these amazing plant while we grow these magnificent We have taken kratom documentation to a new level and introduce “The Kratom Project”. On the #kratomAPP Kratom Watch Dog we tracking our kratom nursery as well as uploading every single interaction our staff has with our fully mature organic American kratom tree nursery.  We track is how much and how often we water or fertilize. Furthermore, the growth with photos or video that were taken for the day that are also then accessible from that day on the Kratom Watch Dog in the Photos Section. Contact our team about “The Kratom Project”  and help make history. We appreciate the continued support from the kratom community.

Utilizing a technology called NFC (Near Field Communication). Designed to store information that can be retrieved by NFC-enabled devices.  Smartphones and Tablets are common to use with NFC. These small stickers of wireless technology can also allow data transfer between two NFC enabled devices.

Kratom Cutting

Kratom Cutting

The Kratom Bible is also available here on the #kratomAPP

The #KratomAPP

Lastly, Join us on the #kratomAPP on KratomWatchDog We are a Kratom social network built from the ground up by one of the founding member of the non-profit American Kratom Association. We are a booming social community with a focus on kratom advocacy. You can also find us on our group on Facebook by looking up Kratom The Tree or email us at We are more than happy to talk with you anytime, and share our experience.

Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.

Vein Color

Pink Vein, Red Vein


Inventory, Picked to Ship

Are the cuttings Organic?

The mature trees are very resistant to pests, and as a result haven’t required the application of any chemicals. The trees are fertilized with a fish emulsion every 3 – 4 months

How are cuttings packaged

The cutting is shipped inside of a soda container that has been split in half. This method is effective at preventing shipping damage

Do you guarantee arrival 

Yes! Every plant order is backed up with a reship guarantee. We also take a picture of your plant or cutting before shipping, and email it to you!

How long does Kratom take to root

It can take up to 3 – 4 weeks, even in optimal conditions

How often do you ship the cuttings

We ship M – W for our cuttings and plant selection. We want to ensure that your plant doesn’t sit around without you.

Do you apply rooting hormone to unrooted cuttings


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    Love the site and app they are really bringing the kratom community together here in AMERICA!!!! which is amazing. Looking forward to receiving my fresh seeds. The customer service is amazing they responded quickly and answered my question looking forward to continuing to do business with your company.

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